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A beautiful new service

There is nothing like face-to-face. This is the motto the event industry lives by. Live events had never been more popular when January 2020 hit. The industry was at an all-time high. We were living the age of live experiences. Then the coronavirus shut down a 1 trillion dollar industry in two weeks.

Fliegende Bauten has joined forces with 2 other expert organisations to create Xibitrs. The goal is to develop and offer virtual experiences to maintain business continuity, reduce costs and extend geographical reach.

To attract, engage and retain a remote audience requires a balance between style and substance. Our goal from the beginning was to excel at both, creating beautiful virtual locations combined with unrivalled levels of functionality.

We can now create experiences from the smallest event or congress to the largest exhibition and with detail and engagement to suit any requirements.

Cubic Design

Lenticular Eyecatcher


Keep in view

Dolce Gusto

Textile Architecture

Highend Presentations

Flow to customer

So is(s)t Schule

New factory opening

Offshore Scene